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From the beginning, BookTix has provided the best customer service a theatre company would want in their ticketing system. Whether you need help with your seating charts, your patrons, or your infrastructure, BookTix has what you need. Additionally, I have been able to use their data to scale-up our program and make informed decisions about our future. I cannot recommend BookTix enough!

Anthony Cimino-Johnson, Theatre Teacher/Artistic Director and Co-Chapter Director

Rock Ridge Performing Arts and Virgina Thespians | VA

I am a high school choir & theatre teacher, and I have been using Booktix for a little over a year. I have been amazed with their customer service, and platform. The system is very easy to use for the administrator, and the patron. The ticket scanner, and printer are simple, and work well for our needs. Truly their customer service has been top notch. They respond within hours of me submitting a question, and they fix problems quickly, and give options on how to make things easier for all parties. They never tell me that I can fix the problem myself, or to watch a video on how to fix the problem… they just make my life super easy. If it’s something I can do myself they fix it for me, and let me know that they are happy to do it, however if I want to learn how they will teach me. I can’t express how stress free it has been to use this company. On the monetary ticketing side they are fast to send checks, and I have never had a discrepancy. My finance clerk at the school loves it too, because she gets accurate ticket sales records, and she doesn’t need to track every ticket sale. This is by far the best ticketing platform we could have used, and I will recommend it to everyone.

Janessa Nadeau, Choir and Theatre Director

Granite Hills High School | CA

I love BookTix! Not only is it a simple to use system, it provides services that other vendors don't even support and they don't charge those other pesky fees! It has probably been the best decision ever to start using this company. Their support is top-notch, even for the most simple questions! Patrons love the fact that their online box office is so simple to use! BookTix has been the best decision for the various productions that I have been a part of, and I love it too because it saves me time!

Luka Viskovic, Box Office Manager

Lake Catholic High School and the All Saints Drama Club | OH

I had considered using an online box office for quite a while, but I was afraid to take the plunge. BookTix made the transition seamless and their customer service is outstanding. They take ticket sales off my plate so I can focus on my students. I highly recommend BookTix for high school theatre programs of all sizes.

Tom Stephens, Theatre Director

Mount Vernon High School | IA

I cannot begin to thank you enough! What a HUGE help this is! BookTix has just been incredible to work with since day one! Looking forward to another wonderful year of ticketing with you!

Kathryn Geckle, Theatre Director

Mercy McAuley High School | OH

I love BookTix! I love it! On stage, we aspire to the highest caliber production possible, and I want my audience’s box office experience to match. BookTix has elevated our program so much. When our patrons enter the theater and present their professional tickets to be scanned, they comment, ‘It’s like Broadway!’ That’s all because of BookTix. I’ve used other ticket vendors in the past and no one even comes close to what these guys do for us. Thank you.

Scott Cooney, Theatre Teacher

Medford School of Performing Arts-Burlington County | NJ

At first we were hesitant about switching from our "lottery" style ticket sales to using an online ticket selling service. How would this work? What will the parents say? Well - what was I waiting for and what was I afraid of? We did our research with several ticketing companies, but I am so happy and pleased that we chose BookTix for ticket sales for our Annual Production. Ticket sales were easy and the process was convenient. Jason worked closely with our office staff and provided us with everything we needed to have a smooth operation. He was just a phone call away and offered us great customer service. No more Ticket Day worries or concerns. Using BookTix was easy and everyone embraced the new procedure. Thanks for making my life a little easier!

Hedy Perna, Owner

Perna Dance Center

Honestly, BookTix has helped to make my drama program manageable. They are always willing to assist and do so with great efficiency and positivity. While I am juggling many tasks as a drama teacher, it is a relief to know that ticketing and marketing is not a task I need to focus on. They are great!

Sean Bryan, US Visual & Performing Arts Chairperson, US Visual & Performing Arts Teacher

Pace Academy | GA

Booktix has been an ideal solution for our growing venue, offering all of the features we were looking for in a box office solution. Additionally, their support is always quick to respond, helping us to use the software to its full potential!

Chris Donovan, Director

McVinney Auditorium | RI

One of the best decisions that we have made regarding our productions was switching from in-house ticketing to BookTix. There are so many good things about BookTix that we did not anticipate. We definitely sell more tickets – we have sold out almost every show since switching. People have told us that they are willing to bring grandparents and other elderly people to our shows because they can pick their seats online and know that the seat is in the spot they like and that they don’t need to arrive early because they know their seat is waiting for them. No more lining up at the door to be first in to get a good seat is a very popular feature. Weather isn’t as much a worry – most people buy their tickets weeks ahead of our shows. Prior to BookTix most people bought their tickets at the door. If the weather was not great, often people might decide against going to the show. Now, since they already have their seat reserved and ticket in hand, they show up, and if they decide against coming we are not out the price of the ticket. BookTix puts a layer of distance between our ticket buyers and the busy production staff. When we handled ticket sales, we got constant requests to change seat assignments, or to give preference to certain people or to cancel tickets. Now we just refer them to the website rules and there are no hard feelings when we can’t accommodate everyone’s requests. The ability to do a cast and crew pre-sale is very popular with the parents. They get their lists ready and sign on the minute the pre-sale starts. We really enjoy watching from the back end of the website as the tickets rapidly sell the first morning of pre-sale week. The ability to temporarily hold certain seats from being sold is a great feature. We have to hold a total of 8 seats per night to accommodate the judges that come to review the show until we are told which night the judges will come. Most likely we will only need to use two or four of those seats on show nights and we can easily release the extras. The absolute best thing about BookTix is the customer service. You never feel like you are doing this alone. The customer service staff is always right there with you, through setting up your site, to answering any question you have and they are always willing to do the set up and tweaking for you. If you send an email to the BookTix staff in the evening with a request or a question, never expecting someone to answer before the next day, more often than not you get an email back within minutes – these people work at all hours! It is amazing! They are so friendly and accommodating. We love being able to log in and see the number of tickets sold every day and to announce the ticket counts to the cast – it gets them so excited. I jokingly told BookTix that the only thing I don’t like is the section on the Dashboard that shows “days remaining till your next performance” because it stresses me out. But, really, what it does is keep us on track. The BookTix provided printer, ticket scanner and ticket stock is another great feature. They are all exactly the right ones to work seamlessly with the system.

Mary-Kate Figur Schmidt, Director and Musical Director

Saint John Vianney High School | NJ

In January BookTix helped me set up an event for a Theatre festival in California that included festival seating for 1300 students over the course of five different productions. Working with the staff at BookTix was an incredible experience. They are knowledgeable and discussed all of the needs of my event. They setup all of the tickets and even called to check in on my progress. On the launch day they even were available to speak with me on the phone to troubleshoot any issues that arose. At one point I know that it was midnight in New York when were were communicating so I can attest to the fact that they work hard to ensure all clients are happy. Thank you BookTix for all of your hard work and making the process easy for your clients!

Michael Despars, Theatrical Arts Director and President-Elect

Fullerton Union High School and California Educational Theatre Association | CA

BookTix has made the ticketing process at our school much more convenient and professional. The positive impact on our staff and our guests can't be understated. We love that patrons can choose their own seats, make purchases on their own time and print their tickets at home. The system is easy to navigate and our representative is always very responsive to any questions or requests. I would highly recommend BookTix!

Lindsay Wood, Assistant Director

Shore Players of Shore Regional High School

BookTix is SERIOUSLY amazing! I have never had a problem that you have not been able to help within a super fast and timely manner.

Justin Frieman Charles, Drama Teacher

Round Lake High School | WI

I wish I had found BookTix sooner! It makes ticket sales effortless! Before each recital Jason helps me set up my performance in just a couple of hours and then clients are able to purchase tickets on their own at their convenience. I am worry free, knowing I can count on Jason to answer my questions 24/7. Every dance studio needs BookTix!

Melissa Markowich, Administrator

Studio Allegro School of Ballet

For the past six years, we've tried a number of different ticketing solutions until we landed on BookTix. Even though this production is the first production we've used this system for, we're hooked. The software is amazing, intuitive, and does everything we've ever dreamed of, so thank you! I'm really thrilled with this product! I want to reiterate how awesome the product is, with its clean interface and truly intuitive user experience on both the front and back end. Thank you!

Matt Radcliffe, President

Springs Ensemble Theatre | CO

Jason and BookTix made our recital ticket process seamless. Jason was accessible the entire process if questions came up and was absolutely helpful. Our families continue to rave about how professional and easy purchasing tickets were last year. We will never go back to the 'old way.'

Mallory Horowitz, Director and Teaching Artist

Rising Stars at Eclipse

BookTix has been an amazing solution for our Box Office. Feature rich and easy to use. They are super responsive whenever I have a question or request and are always happy to help. I would highly recommend BookTix to anyone looking for a full Box Office Solution.

Chris Satola, Events Manager

Garfield Heights Center for the Performing Arts | OH

I wanted to start online ticketing at our school, and I heard great things about BookTix through the Thespian Society teacher community. I am really glad we decided to go with BookTix! Jason is patient and knowledgeable, and he is always available to help me with any questions. BookTix definitely understands the hectic schedule of a high school drama teacher! We had a great experience, and I highly recommend their service to anyone wanting to take their program into the 21st century of ticket booking!

Denise M. Connor, Drama Teacher and Director

Montoursville Area High School | PA

As the producer of our school’s spring musical, I can confidently say that the best decision I made was to work with BookTix. Putting our box office online was not only fun for the kids and convenient for their families, but it also took a huge responsibility off of my shoulders. Instead of manning a ticket booth for weeks before the show, I simply monitored the site to see how sales were going. And things went quite well. Making tickets available online definitely increased our overall sales compared to previous years, and with the majority of our audience arriving with their printed tickets, it even made things a lot less hectic the day of the performance. BookTix provided all of the equipment we needed, and it was much easier to use than I had expected. When we had questions or needed a quick reminder, Jason was just a phone call away and always eager to help out. After such a positive experience with BookTix, I can’t imagine doing ticketing any other way.

Dominick Pisa, Producer

Milburn Middle School | NJ

BookTix is a great tool for any school! It has really taken all the work out of ticket sales. It’s easy enough for anyone to use. My students love the technology aspect: making orders, changing seats, scanning tickets. There are no upfront costs, and in the end they send you a check! What could be better than that? BookTix has really made my life easier as a High School Theatre Director.

Keith Presty, Drama Director

Highland Park High School

I researched many, MANY online ticketing companies before choosing BookTix. I could not be happier with my choice. BookTix is awesome! These guys are the real deal. They are professional, they have the easiest set-up in the business, their system is user-friendly, and their customer service is phenomenal. All of this for some of the lowest fees out there. Last year we had a show cancelled because of a huge snow storm. I called them in a panic, and within a few minutes they had converted all of my customers over to our rescheduled performance date, and talked me through the process of refunds and exchanges for those who were unable to make the show. The whole thing went off without a hitch!

Marina Sage, Drama Director

Bosque School | NM

BookTix has been a terrific addition to our arts programs at Randolph School. As an administrator, I find the site itself, including the report options and the ease of use to be exceptional. BookTix is terrific about a quick turnaround to get us our ticket income as well. Perhaps even more importantly, whenever I do have a question or a problem, the BookTix team respond in a timely manner and have consistently solved any of my problems!

Sue Samuels, Director of Visual and Performing Arts

Randolph School | AL

It really is a pleasure to work with BookTix for our drama and musical every year. Our seating and pricing vary and Jason and Tim are responsive to our ever-changing needs. They are mindful of our costs and modify their pricing to always be fair. BookTix is also an ever-evolving entity; I appreciate the fact that they are constantly making improvements and streamlining the process. I highly recommend them to other schools.

Ginger Burd, Box Office Manager

Cranford High School | NJ

For more years than I can remember we always used a hand drawn diagram of our 1200 seat auditorium and our brains to sell tickets. It was always a huge headache. Last year we moved to online ticketing and it was the best decision that we ever made. I will admit that we were nervous. It was quite a change for us. BookTix was supportive throughout the process. The technology is great - it is very easy and efficient. We give out a bunch of complimentary tickets to the parents of our students. We were able to set up a system for that with codes. We did the same for our faculty comp tickets. It was an easy streamlined process and we are so happy to be using BookTix!

Carolyn Little, Director and Chapter Director

Nautical Star Theatre Company at Toms River High School North, and New Jersey State Thespians

BookTix has been an amazing find for our program. We are a very small school and were struggling to find a cost effective resource that would allow us to manage our ticket sales while also teaching box office management to our students. BookTix was the perfect solution. The system is easy enough to quickly train students and parents to use, while also being able to provide some in-depth reports about each show. Customer service is the icing on the cake! The BookTix crew is easily accessible, very supportive, and unbelievably patient when you are in the middle of a run and aren't thinking clearly. If you are looking for the perfect box office solution for your school, look no further than BookTix!

Greg Franklin, Musical Theatre Teacher

Mitchell High School | NC

We used BookTix for our on-line ticket sales. It took all the drudgery out of the ticket selling task. I can’t wait to use it again this year! I created a QR code and placed it in our newspaper display ad for one of our shows, so when people saw our ad in the paper, they could scan the QR code with their phone which took them to BookTix and enabled them to buy their tickets with their phone at their breakfast table! I highly recommend BookTix.

Phyllis London, Public Relations Manager

Charter Tech High School for the Performing Arts

Working with BookTix and Jason has been the best thing my company has done. Most of our sales are now online and our audiences are growing every season. They love the convenience. We have been with BookTix since they began. Jason, not only keeps everything up to date but suggests more ideas to help us increase our sales online. I can't think of an easier way to sell tickets then using BookTix!

Barbara Krajkowski, Artistic Director

Women's Theater Company

This was THE BEST DECISION I ever made! I used to spend the ENTIRE month of May stressing over ticket sales, hand outs, seating etc…not to mention all the hours leading up to ‘Ticket Sale Day.’ Not only has using BookTix freed up an enormous amount of time and mental energy, it has made ticketing easy, efficient and in the hands of the customers who want to choose their own seats with the convenience of the on-line service. Jason is hands on and willing to help every step of the way. I can’t believe I didn’t make the change sooner. BookTix has now made the whole ticket process streamlined, quick and immediate for customers. I can not recommend enough making the switch to on-line ticketing!

Joanne Carey, Owner/Artistic Director

Westfield School of Dance

You would think that online ticketing would relinquish control, but in fact it gives me even more. I am addicted to watching the tickets sell. I sit in my office show nights constantly refreshing the screen watching the numbers change. I love doing the math in head as we get closer and closer to breaking even, and with BookTix we've been actually making a profit! I highly recommend BookTix, it is easy to use, frees up my time and the time of my parent helpers. The parents, students, and my administrators love it! The ability for people to see where they are sitting, and for me to easily block and release seats has changed the experience for our patrons. The BookTix team is extremely helpful, and very responsive. They are patient with me even though I am a bit of a technophobe. I could not be happier with the experience!

Jeff Davis, Theatre Arts Teacher

East Brunswick High School | NJ

BookTix has made selling tickets for our Drama Club productions almost effortless - much better than the days when I had to print out tickets on cardstock, cut them up, and then number them. And they have made our auditing process no longer something I dread!

Paul Birkby, Drama Club Business Manager

Penfield High School | NY

Even though we are a smaller school with somewhat low attendance at our shows, Booktix makes our theatre feel like Broadway! It makes record keeping a breeze, and is simple enough for students to learn and run. It has definitely improved our processes at the box office, and made our theatre look and feel so professional. We love it!

Kerry Bollenbach, Theatre Teacher/Director

Barnegat High School

Thank you to Jason and BookTix for providing us with a seamless process to manage our recital ticket sales. What normally is a very timely and difficult process turned in to a worry-free experience. Both my staff and our families enjoyed the simple platform to select, purchase and print our tickets. Thank you, Jason, for supporting us all the way. We will never go back to our old ways.

Lorraine Struck, Ticket Manager

StarStruck Dance Studio

BookTix made the impossible, possible at Newton High School. After long research for a company we could afford for online sales, our BookTix mailer came through. BookTix offers very competitive (borderline generous) pricing, a user friendly system and outstanding tech support for their product. I have been recommending BookTix to anyone I meet interested in online sales. BookTix has streamlined our ticket selling process. Our students, parents and administration have been very happy with the outcome.

Brendan Scullin, Drama Director

Newton High School | NJ

My ticket people said it worked better than any other ticket program for ease of use.

Ryan Lee, Musical Director

Seminole Ridge High School | FL

Years ago when I served on the board of a 7-show-season community theater, we spent months exploring different options for online ticketing. We came to the conclusion, no system existed that combined ease-of-function, back-office support, and affordability. But that was all before BookTix! Thanks to BookTix, we have an online box office, easy-to-access patron database, and professional-looking tickets, printed at the door instantly! has simplified and expanded our operation!

Matthew Swiss, Auditorium Technical Director

Randolph High School | NJ

I LOVE this system, not only because the customer service is so incredible, but because the system is well thought out and extremely proficient and user friendly. I absolutely want this system to drive my business financially in all other areas.

Hillary Barnett, Ticket Administrator

St. Joseph Regional High School

Using BookTix for our summer musical was wonderful! From the minute we signed up, it was a positive experience. Once the equipment came, Jason took the time to go over everything in great detail. He was quite informative and always just a phone call or email away. Jason was patient and helpful answering any questions we had or making any changes we needed done. Putting our ticket sales online was so convenient. I was able to track everything from home and keep the director and cast updated. The program was user friendly and easy to utilize. It was so nice not having to handle numerous phone calls and emails regarding tickets. Everyone just went online to purchase and print their tickets. It was a snap! Our theatre group looks forward to performing again in the future and you can be sure we will be using BookTix for our next production!

Gina Boyles

The Ashley Lauren Foundation Theatre Ensemble

BookTix is a fantastic online ticketing agency! Our organization was able to monitor ticket sales leading up to our event, and our patrons were impressed with the ease in using this system too. Jason, the proprietor, was with us every step of the way and provided support 24-7. His concern for the success of our event was really appreciated. It was a pleasure dealing with Booktix and I highly recommend this service. The East Brunswick Education Foundation looks forward to our future endeavors with BookTix!

Norma Comerford

East Brunswick Education Foundation

Thanks, as always, for the prompt and useful responses! Booktix went oh-so-smoothly this year.

Deborah Goodkin, Language Arts and Drama Teacher

West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North

We must highly commend BookTix! As first time community theater producers, their complete technology system, as well as their excellent customer service, made the process a dream. The owners were there to answer all of our amateurish questions from the first day to the last closing curtain (and above and beyond the normal business hours too). BookTix made my bucket list dream of producing this show an absolute cake walk. The sales tracking reports were so precise with detail that even my Grandmother would be able to follow along. Good show guys. You have our AAA vote and five stars *****. And we will be back. Thank you so very much for helping us along. You should contact every theater out there, they need it!

Tom Ortalano, Producer

TKO Productions | PA

I would just like to take a moment and recommend BookTix to you and your program. I cannot say enough good things about it! Not being very technologically savvy, the knowledgeable and caring staff patiently walked me through everything making the set up and printing of tickets a breeze. It has helped my ticket sales and has streamlined the entire ticket selling process. Being a one-woman department, this has helped reduce my stress levels and has made my life that much easier. It is incredibly affordable and easy to use, and as I said before, it is run by caring theater professionals who have only your theater program's best interest at heart. Don't delay, get BookTix today!

Samantha LaCroix, Drama Specialist

St. Lucie West Centennial High School | FL

BookTix made switching from manual tickets to an online system easy and affordable. In regards to customer service, they took the time to address all my concerns and questions, and provided great support throughout the entire process. I also liked the ability to track each family's purchases and monitor all the sales behind the scenes.

Anne Fattal, Director

Anne Fattal's Footnotes Dance Studio

When I first started working with BookTix I knew that it should be easy but I was surprised at how easy it was. Much of my time spent during lunch or after school selling tickets was gone because they did it online. Even the night of the performances was speeded up because tickets could be easily printed with the pertinent information. I love it!!!

Elizabeth Tuxill, Theater Director

Dumont High School | NJ
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