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BookTix Vs Hometown

Why We're Different

Whether you’re organizing a school event or a community theater production, you need an effective and affordable ticketing system. Online ticketing systems are the best option in today’s digital world. With so many to choose from, it can be easy to become confused. In addition to being cost-effective, you want a system with a ton of great features that is simple for everyone to use. There is more than one online ticketing system that checks all those boxes. Take BookTix vs HomeTown.

They share many of the same features, so what sets BookTix apart from the competition?

Experience the BookTix Difference!

BookTix vs HomeTown online ticketing

We're There When You Need Us Most

Almost every company offering online ticketing provides support during normal business hours but how about when their office closes and everyone goes home? What if you experience a technical issue checking in attendees minutes before your event begins? With BookTix, there’s no need to panic. Our staff is scheduled around your event to provide emergency assistance. You can always reach a live person to help resolve your issue and ensure that everyone is checked in when your event begins.

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BookTix is Free to Use

It doesn’t get much more affordable than BookTix. Our fee structure is unique to the industry and allows you to box office like the pros with virtually no expense to your organization. The low, flat fee per ticket charge is INCLUSIVE of all credit card processing fees and can be included in the purchase price, saving your organization money that can be used for other aspects of your event. And the benefits of choosing BookTix don’t stop there. Our fees for cash sales and comp tickets are minuscule and there are no fees for reprints or will-call tickets.

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Production Team Credit

Do you need to keep track of the tickets sold by your production crew, cast, or other members of your organization? This can be especially important for school events. However, keeping track of this manually can eat out a lot of valuable time and energy. Our production team credit feature lets you easily track how many tickets each individual sold and that they receive the proper credit for their efforts.

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Rooted in Experience

We have been producers and patrons, so we understand the challenges faced by both. We set out to develop an online ticketing platform that addressed those challenges. The goal was to streamline the process of event ticketing convenient and affordable. We are constantly working to improve our system. Initially developed with school and community theaters in mind, BookTix handles ticketing for various types of events, including dance, sports, and more, no matter the size, nationwide.

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Our Commitment

Oscar Wilde said “ Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” and we are flattered. We consider ourselves trailblazers. When we first started BookTix, we were one of the few ticketing platforms available for schools, community theaters, and other small organizations. Now we are one of many and some of our competitors offer many of the same features as we do. However, not all of them have the deep-rooted commitment we have to support the Arts, schools, and community organizations and help them thrive. 

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