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Frequently Asked Questions

Account Setup

We’ll work around your schedule! Normally, it takes about 3-5 business days depending on the complexity of your seating chart, but if you need it set up sooner than that, we will try to accommodate you! You can request an expedited setup if you need to be set up urgently. Be sure to note your on sale date when filling out our signup form.

The virtual online box office is where your patrons will access your ticketing page to purchase tickets. The administrative portal is the “back-end” of your website, where you can not only manage all of the tickets sold, run reports, handle exchanges, view patrons, do reprints, etc, but also use the point of sale tool to sell and scan tickets in person.

As many as you need! Each administrative user must have their own login, and you can determine which features your administrators have access to. You may want to limit access to the financial and marketing features to key individuals such as the producer, business manager and box office manager.

No minimums, and no set-up fees! When setting up your account, you will need to agree to our Terms of Service. If the individual who agrees to the terms leaves your organization, we just require that the new contact agrees to the terms and conditions.

Yes, of course! You can make any changes or edits you need. The only thing we cannot do, is change your seating chart once tickets have been sold.

You will create an administrative account for your box office staff! You can limit their access to just Point of Sale and the Scanner.

We hope you do not end your relationship with BookTix, but if you are not able to continue using our services, we can de-activate your account. We just ask that you send us back the equipment.

Client Support

In order to keep up with the needs of clients in different time zones, we don’t keep standard business hours, but we do work 7 days a week, around the clock! We guarentee that a team member will be available on show nights, should you have an urgent issue that needs immediate attention. There is a phone extension you can call if you have a show emergency, and you will get an immediate response from our team!

Sure! We can set up a live demo, if you’d like. We would send you a link to join a live demo with one of our team members. Our team member will share their screen with you and walk you through the basics of the system and its features. Its live and interactive so you can ask questions as we go!

While we can’t share the contact information of other organizations, we would be happy to reach out to them for you. If they agree to be contacted, we can connect you!

Sure! We can set up a phone consultation with a team member, or a live demo of our system!

Unfortunately, we can’t physically come to your school, but we would be happy to set up a live, interactive demo of our system! One of our team members will share their computer screen with you and walk you through the basics of the system and its features.

Discounts and Promotions

Easy and simple! You can generate a link for patrons to use, giving them advance access to ticket sales before the general public. Or you can create a code that patrons enter into a field on your online box office, before beginning ticket selection/purchase. With the code, you can determine a start/end date, and set any limitations and restrictions that you need!

Yes! A promo code is a coupon code entered by a patron at checkout for a specified discount on their ticket order. You can customize promo codes to be used for special marketing promotions such as buy one get one free or 50% off when a full price is purchased. These can also be used for comp (complimentary) tickets for staff, VIPS, etc. You can even set your own restrictions on how many times the code can be used!

There are a number of ways to give your most important patrons access to the best seats. Between hold functions, complimentary codes and pre-sale access, we’ve got you covered.

You can do both! You can have a pre-sale, and then have your patrons enter a promo code for a free ticket at checkout!

Yes! We offer a feature that allows customizable packages such as buying one ticket to every show at a flat rate (standard package), OR a specified number of tickets to any included show (flex package).

Of course! Every ticket plan will automatically include a complimentary ticket for you to use via the Point of Sale tool, but you can also create promo codes for comps for any of your patrons to use.

Yes, there is a section of the print-at-home ticket reserved for you to place an advertisement. We just require the image to meet our size and resolution specifications.

Equipment Kits

It’s true! As we have stated, our mission is to help the arts thrive. Providing an equipment kit valued at over $250 is our way of demonstrating that commitment to your group. We know what it is like to run programs and want to help you alleviate any start up costs.

It’s a good idea to check your inventory after every show, and let us know if we need to mail you more. However, in the rare occurrence, you can hook up any standard inkjet or laser printer to print PDF tickets.

The scanners are simple and easy to use! You simply plug the scanner into your laptop and scan the barcode. If the page turns green the ticket is good to go, if it turns red the ticket has either been scanned already, is for the wrong date or is counterfeit.

Absolutely! If you prefer, you can rip stubs and collect pdf tickets. You can also can download and printout a master list of all ticket orders!

Our scanner is very quick and much faster than ripping stubs! If you have a large venue with multiple entry points, you might want to have a scanner at each door. We provide one scanner, but they are relatively inexpensive if you wish to purchase additional units on your own.

We typically wait until you have sold 10 tickets before sending out the equipment, but we like clients to practice using the equipment in advance of opening night! We’ll make sure you get your equipment in time, just let us know!

The USB wired scanners that we provide won’t scan a patron’s phone, but you can use the BookTix app (for specific Apple devices only) to scan a patron’s phone (you can scan physical paper tickets as well)!

You do not! We just ask that you keep it in a safe place!

You read that correctly! We provide you with free equipment and ticket stock – there is no catch! We are producers and patrons ourselves and we set out to build the dream system. Read our customer reviews – we’ve succeeded!

Patron FAQs

Each organization has a different policy on what types of payment is accepted, so you will want to reach out to the event producer’s patron support. Contact information is listed on the organization’s main box office website, just scroll to the bottom!

You can contact patron support – contact information is listed at the bottom of the box office’s website.

Most likely you purchased a ticket through our system for your local school or dance studio’s recent event. BookTix is an online ticketing vendor – we help schools, theater companies, dance studios, and other organizations sell tickets to their shows and events. If you can’t recall purchasing tickets to an event recently, you can reach out to us with your name, charge amount and date, and we can look up the charge for you. Send us an email at

Sure! If you let us know the name of the organization, and the name and email address used to purchase the tickets, we would be happy to re-send the email! You can always log into your user account to re-print your tickets as well. Once you log in, on the top right you will see an icon of a ticket. Click that, select “My Account”, and then “View Past Ticket Orders”. From there you can click on your order, and select to download to pdf.

Each organization we work with will maintain their own refund or exchange policy, so you will need to contact this organization directly. You can find their contact information listed at the bottom of the box office website.

Not to worry! On the login screen, you can select “Forgot Your Password?”. Once you enter your email address, a temporary password will be emailed to you. If you don’t see the email right away, be sure to check your spam/junk folder!

For your safety and security, we do require that you create a user account to purchase tickets.

Payment and Reports

We cut a check to your organization within 5 business days of the close of your show.

Yes! Our system offers the option to setup electronic payment instead of paper checks. You simply link your bank account, and we can transfer payment electionally!

Yes – We’re happy to process an early payment for a portion of your proceeds before a show closes to help our organizations with cash flow, if preferred. This must be requested, and 20% of your balance will be reserved for any refunds/charges that may be needed. We are happy to process one early payment, any additional early payments may incur a small charge.

You have the ability to easily generate a ticket sales report! You can even input specific start and end dates, if you want to compare sales week to week!

Revnue reports will give you a detailed breakdown per show of types of tickets sold, payment methods, printing charges, adjustments, as well as a total of ticket sales and the grand total due to the client. The revenue report will also summarize any charges and fees.

Pricing and Fees

This is one of those – you get what you pay for scenarios. We have considered removing it to stay competitive, but honestly it makes a lot of sense. Quality, fairness and value are really important to us. By charging this nominal fee for cash and comp tickets, we cover the cost of the infrastructure, accounting, and processing of a fully integrated system while keeping our patron fees low. Many of the companies that offer free cash and comp tickets aren’t providing a printer, Broadway style ticket stock and a full Point-of-Sale tool that will track customer purchases and manage seat inventories. We aren’t charging for stock replacement, which we ship at our expense and we don’t charge for reprints or will call printing. The idea is, if everyone purchased online, you wouldn’t have any print fees. The majority of our clients charge a few dollars more at the door, which not only covers this fee, but also reduces the line at the door. For most of our organizations, our system is absolutely free to them and they make money off our system with the ads they sell on the PDF tickets!

Tickets paid for with a credit card INCLUDE credit card processing fees and are based on your ticket price. Tickets paid for in cash or check incur a nominal fee of $0.25 per ticket sold. This covers the cost of the ticket stock, the printer, the infrastructure, barcodes, seating map, accounting, etc. Remember you no longer need to print and number paper tickets. See our costs page for more detailed pricing information.

Yes, ticketing fees can be split between you and the patron, however you choose. This can even be done differently by type of ticket. Some of our clients will use this feature to cover the costs for student tickets, for example, while asking adults to cover the fees with the ticket price.

There are NO startup costs and no hidden costs. Besides the service fee on credit card purchases, all cash tickets are $0.25 and all comps are $0.05. If you choose to do an entirely free event, we charge a nominal fee of $0.10 per ticket.

You are only charged for tickets you actually sell, not that you hold or reserve. We do not charge for reprints or tickets printed for will call pick up. If you choose to use other features in our system such as season packages, items, donations, there are also nominal fees which cover credit card processing.

Other fees you could encounter – should you choose to enable refunds/voids/exchanges (our default policy is no refunds no exchanges but we leave it up to you) – exchanges are only $0.10, though refunds will incur higher fees.

Clearly the many other ticket companies in the market wouldn’t be in business if they didn’t offer a good system, but our approach to ticketing is very unique. First off, our mission, above even making money, is helping educational theater thrive. We have an outstanding team ready to overdeliver on making sure your ticketing is successful and easy. We are genuinely invested in each and every one of your events – from start to finish. We have a system that is not only powerful, but is safe and secure. We could show off an impressive resume (such as handling the International Thespian Festival’s ticketing or our many national endorsements, etc.) but it’s actually solving our clients’ needs and making sure they feel supported, that gives us the competitive edge. When you succeed, we succeed.

While we aren’t able to negotiate our fees, our clients find them to be reasonable as they are all inclusive and there are no hidden fees for using advanced features, to you or your patrons.

Selling Tickets

Not to worry! We are in the business of providing top quality ticketing, and our infrastructure is built to sustain the demand of ticket rushes. If you are expecting an unusual surge of demand when you open sales, we just ask that you let us know when you open sales so we can actively monitor the system during the first few minutes to ensure amazing service for all patrons.

Once a ticket is sold, it will be taken out of inventory so that another patron cannot select the same seat. If a patron has added a seat to their shopping cart, but hasn’t completed the transaction yet, that ticket will still be unavailable for other patrons to select.

Of course! Any time a ticket is purchased with a credit card (whether online, or in person at the box office), the patron pays a per ticket service fee. Service fees can also be incorporated into the price so it is not seen by patrons. All cash tickets are $0.25 and all comps are $0.05. You are only charged for tickets you actually sell, not that you hold or reserve. We do not charge for reprints or tickets printed for will call pick up.

Yes! We have staff members on call during show nights, and an emergency call line if you need us right away!

Not at all. We host the virtual box office on our servers. We give the theater a link to a page that is themed to look like it is part of the organization’s website for a seamless integrated experience. While it’s easiest to include a “buy tickets now” link off your site, you can always place the link on your social media pages or in an email blast or even on a poster.

We suggest at least 3 or 4 weeks, but it’s entirely up to you! We have clients that go on sale months before and others that open 2 nights prior to curtain.

While it is recommended to use our system in its full capacity, organizations without internet in the Point-of-Sale area can print out advance sale orders in a remote location a few hours before curtain and manually fill tickets.

You can do that! Patrons will bring their pdf tickets that they have printed at home, or pick up their tickets at the door.

No problem! You can look up the patron’s order, and either re-send the email with the pdf ticket, or print the ticket for the patron. Patrons can also log into their user accounts and re-print their tickets.

Not at all! We realize that some shows have a bigger turnout than others.

Not a problem! You can always look up their order and reprint their ticket or manually check the patron in. There is never a fee to reprint tickets!

Absolutely! We don’t just service theaters and schools for performances and shows. We have many clients who use BookTix for class & workshop payments, fundraisers, concerts, dinners, galas, sporting events, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Absolutely! You’ll be able to manually enter a patron’s credit card number. If you would prefer to swipe a credit card, you can purchase a swipe reader attachment that is compatible with the BookTix app.

You sure can! You can use the “Hold” tool to block off seats you wish to reserve. You can later release those seats to be sold to the public.

Absolutely! When setting up your show, there is an optional field to enter a public sale start and end date. You can also set up a start and end date for any pre-sales as well!

No special equipment! You just need a computer with Internet access! All the tools you need are within your BookTix administrative portal. If you will be using the equipment kit we provide, you will follow our simple setup instructions so you can quickly and easily print tickets sold at the door.

While our system is user friendly, we recognize that not everyone is computer savvy! For patrons who are not comfortable making online purchases, you can always use the Point of Sale tool for any in-person sales (cash, check, or credit card)! You can even create patron accounts for a patron, if they have difficulty setting this up.

For the safety and security of both your organization and your patrons, we do require that patrons purchasing tickets online create a user account.

System Features

Sure! We can enable a feature that prompts the patron to enter the name of the cast member when purchasing tickets. This feature can be required or optional, or if you prefer not to track this data, we can disable this feature entirely!

Yes, you can! You can use our “Items” feature to pre-sell things such as bouquets of flowers and T-Shirts from your Patron Portal! You can also choose to have the items appear as an add-on option in the cart when certain performances are selected. You can even use the Point of Sale tool to sell items and concessions on show nights!

Yes – we do have a feature in our system to accommodate this. Some of our schools have four or five departments, theater, dance, choir, baseball, football, etc!

Yes, we do offer a Mobile Pass feature, where patrons can redeem their tickets from their mobile device when they arrive at your event. All patrons attending your event would just need a smart phone!

Yes we do! You can use the BookTix app to scan tickets using your device’s camera! You can also use the app to connect to a compatible credit card reader. Please note that at this time, the BookTix app is only compatible with specific Apple devices.

Yes, donations can be included in a ticket order, or made as a standalone transaction.

You determine your own exchange policy, but the tools to manage exchanges are very easy to use. Once you switch their seats, you can email the patron their new tickets or print them out with the click of a button.

You don’t need to have a merchant account with BookTix. The majority of our customers do not and let us handle all of that headache. However, if you would like to bring your own merchant account, we support a number of common gateways.

Yes we do! However, this won’t prevent patrons from making multiple transactions. If you need to set strict limitations on sales, we recommend using access codes for your sale.

You can do that! When creating your season package, you will select shows to be included. You can then set your own timeline for when you release those seats to both package holders, and the public.

Venues and Seating Charts

Not at all. Loading your venue map is completely free. We can load as many different venues and configurations as you need!

Absolutely. BookTix offers three different seating scenarios: General Admission (open seating), Reserved Seating (each patron selects a unique section, row and seat) and Hybrid Seating (where some sections are reserved and others are general admission).

Patrons can select any seat they want!

Absolutely. You have the ability to prevent seats from being sold to the general public that you are saving for VIPs, judges, volunteers, etc. You can later release those seats to be sold, if necessary.

We’ll create it for you! We build all of our seating charts custom, and there’s no seating configuration we can’t build!

Hybrid seating is where some sections are reserved (patrons select a specific row and seat number), and other sections are general admission (open seating). For example, you may want the whole theater to be general admission since you rarely sell out, but want a few rows in the front reserved for your loyal patrons who want an actual seat. Or, you always sell out in a reserved scenario, but want a General Admission student only section, so they can sit with their friends without preplanning.

That’s ok! You can send us any type of file you might have – pdf, jpg, excel, even a handwritten image!

Website Security

BookTix does not store credit card numbers within our systems. These numbers are transmitted to our payment gateway without ever being saved locally on our systems.

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