5 Ways to Improve Your Prom Ticket Sales This Year

5 Ways to Improve Your Prom Ticket Sales This Year

Proms are where lifelong memories are made. Important events like this can’t be left up to chance. They should be exciting and stress-free events for students and faculty alike. One major component of putting on a stressless school dance is reliable ticketing. With an entire student body eager to attend, it’s important you have a plan in place to provide effortless prom ticket selling access for everyone. To help you, here are some ways to improve your school dance ticketing this year.

Give Students the Option of Buying Prom Tickets Online

Tracking paper tickets and cash sales can be a hassle for staff and student groups. Using an online ticketing system to sell prom tickets allows for seamless transactions to be made at any time from anywhere. Most online ticketing systems allow patrons to purchase from a computer, phone, or tablet using a credit or debit card. Additionally, many online ticketing systems have point-of-sale tools built-in so that you can still take cash and credit card payments during lunch periods or at the door. Having all school dance ticket sales in one handy online portal will make tracking, reporting, and reconciling your funds much easier.

Keep Track of Who is Attending Your Prom

Many school dances are open to students only. Others allow students to bring non-student dates. Either way, it’s important for faculty and staff to know who is attending the school dance prior to the big night. Many online ticketing services allow you to ask mandatory questions at checkout. Requiring students to input their names as well as their date’s when buying prom tickets online allows you to better keep track of who will be using tickets at your school dance. Tracking this information in an online setting allows you to void or cancel any prom ticket orders that come in from those ineligible to attend.

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Sell Prom Ticket Add-Ons

Tickets aren’t the only piece that makes school dances successful, fun experiences. When you think of prom, you think of corsages and boutonnieres. When you think of spring flings, you think of prints at fun photo booths. Many online ticketing services allow you to sell additional items as prom ticket add-ons at checkout. Avoid the stress of taking cash or credit card payments for additional fundraisers or special experiences while the event is happening. Allow students to purchase in advance online and then all they need to do is bring a confirmation that can be scanned for redemption.

Paperless Prom Tickets 

Cutting down on paper waste is one way to be a good global citizen. Switching to paperless entry tickets for your school dances will not only have an environmental impact but will also make check-in a breeze. Most students are used to keeping their important documents in the digital sphere, so allowing students to have digital school dance tickets as well will ease the commotion of entry and avoid any lost or forgotten paper tickets. Many online ticketing providers offer this option to their clients at no extra charge.

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Bundle Your School Dance Ticketing

If your student government, school dance committees, or parent-teacher associations meet early and plan events for the full year, try bundling your tickets into one simple purchase. Offering students admission to all school dances for the year ahead in a single purchase allows you to get early headcounts and make firm budget decisions. It also gives you the ability to give discounts to those who purchase and plan early–helps get the word out and begins the cash flow. Many online ticketing platforms offer package or subscription options.When looking for a prom ticket partner, you should look no further than BookTix. BookTix is a leading ticketing solution with over a decade of experience working with schools on ticketing for special events. To learn more about the BookTix difference contact us to schedule a demo.

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