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BookTix is THE platform to sell tickets and livestream events.


The Show Can Go On

Social distancing doesn’t need to mean social disconnection.  We are an author approved vehicle for the entire TRW catalog and thousands of other titles.  Add a livestream component to allow theater to happen.

Free To Your Organization

For BookTix clients, the streaming platform is free to you when you pass on our small service charge to your customer. BookTix Live is also available without BookTix ticketing.  We can help you find multiple hardware options to fit your price point.

BookTix Live

A Simple Approach

Let us help you navigate streaming a show when a Hollywood budget and studio is not at your disposal.  We know this is new territory for the majority of our clients and we’re here to support you. 

Integrated Ticketing

Your patrons can now buy tickets for in person attendance, a livestream, or a combination of both. Give patrons exclusive access to your livestreamed productions, workshops, classes or recitals on their devices at home.

Ticket In Person and at Home

Let BookTix handle the technical side of streaming.

Built with all of the innovation, security and customer service you have come to expect from BookTix.


We help you determine the right equipment for your theater venue and walk you through configuring your streaming hardware and software to send the feed to BookTix.


We take your live show input and process it on our secure servers.  We ensure your packaged stream is protected and meets licensing requirements.


We then distribute secure links to your ticket buyers to view the stream on their computers and mobile devices in your virtual theater portal hosted on our website.

Mobile Setup

Today's mobile devices can be more powerful than older equipment. This is the approach when your technical and budget constraints are only limited by your creativity.
  • A Roadmap To Apps and Connectors
  • Step-by-step video tutorials provided
  • Simple and Budget Friendly By Using Your Existing Hardware

EZ Stream Kit

The most popular option for groups that want to livestream their show. Purchase/Rent a kit that provides all the items you need for your computer to recognize your camera.
  • Low Cost Purchase (Or Rental) from Approved Suppliers
  • Kit Includes Capture Card, Cables and Adapters
  • Complete With Setup Guide and Training Sessions

Pro Advanced

Let's build an awesome virtual event together. From one professional camera rental to an overhead crane shot, provide customers with an unparalleled streamed video.
  • Video, Audio and Lighting Packages Available
  • Completely Customized To Your Unique Set-Up
  • Direct Consultation With Film Industry Experts
Scene to Screen

Give your patrons access to virtual performances and events easily.​

  • Provide event details, and we’ll set up your show. Take advantage of our same great ticket features: presale access, tiered ticket pricing, comps, promo codes, and more!
  • Create special pricing for home streaming and create additional revenue for patrons who can’t attend the live show.
  • No need to use YouTube or Zoom, Booktix provides its own streaming platform where patrons can watch on our digital stage. Simply upload your video stream to our portal and we’ll do the rest. Our customer support team will walk you through the whole process and be on call during your event.
  • Have full control of distribution. Patrons will receive secure access that only allows one stream per device.
  • Send digital programs to your customers.
  • This fully integrated tool is the perfect solution when you want a limited live audience combined with live streaming option.
  • Increase access and support with new audiences across the country.
  • Join one of our expert-led webinars to learn best practices in livestreaming: from resources, to technology, and marketing.
How It Works
Equipment Options
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Authorized Partner

Our system has been vetted, approved and is the only authorized secure streaming platform for approved titles in the catalog of our licensing partner, Theatrical Rights Worldwide.

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Same Pricing Model

Streaming shows incur the same free-to-you pricing model.  You can pass on our low fees to your customers (or include them in your price).


Need Advice

Get professional advice and tips on lighting, sound, video and more to help perfect your livestream from our team and help library.

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We're Ready To Help

Our Customer Service team is on call and ready for support during rehearsal, testing and performances. We’re here to help make your event a success.

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