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BookTix Live empowers you for streaming success.

Upload and go with our easy AutoStream tool.


The Show Can Go On

Produce your show on our virtual stage and give your audience a theatrical experience over the internet.  BookTix Live gives you a secure, piracy protected streaming platform and an easy way to monetize your performance via StreamPasses (our virtual tickets). 

Your Show, Your Choice

Let your inspiration continue with BookTix Live.  From a prerecorded remote zoom style skit to a fleshed out multi camera mainstage musical shoot, we give you the technological and creative tools to bring your show to life.  Integrate directly with BookTix ticketing or even use your existing box office software, the choice is yours.

Dream Stream Team

New to streaming? No worry!  From software to hardware, licensing to ticketing, our passionate support staff will help you every step of the way.   You’ll be raving about our team as much as our easy-to-use system and our easy-on-the-pocket pricing model.

Where Do I Start?

Livestreaming with BookTix Live mimics live theater – whether live or prerecorded, your stream will be broadcast securely to your ticket buyers at your specific performance dates and times. 

Producing a stream comes with a few key decisions based on your show, situation, and available equipment. Your performers can be at home or on stage, together or remote – and all levels of experience are welcome! 

Below are some questions to consider when deciding how you will stream with BookTix Live.

What type of content are you broadcasting?

Real Time

An event that is happening on the same date/time as the scheduled livestream. The camera feed is being broadcast live as the event takes place.​

Pre Recorded

An event that has happened before the date/time of the scheduled livestream and the content being broadcast is a video file.


An event that is happening on the same date/time as the scheduled livestream that broadcasts both a live camera feed with some pre-recorded video files for a full multimedia experience.​

How are you capturing your video of the show?


The most popular option for shooting traditional stage productions.
This is where your actors are physically present and you capture the show with cameras connected to your computer. From simple single-camera shoots to extensive multi-camera productions, the possibilities are endless and always professional.​​


The best approach for smaller black box and classroom configurations.​
This is where your actors are physically present and you capture the show with a phone or tablet via an app. This is a great option for when there are technical or budget constraints.


An effective solution for when your performers can't be in the same location.​
This is when your actors are in their own homes and perform over StreamYard, Zoom or a similar software. You can stream the meeting interface out to your patrons or record.

How are your broadcasting the show?

Use Streaming Software

BookTix Live connects with OBS Studio and most other RTMP streaming software.
When you want full control over each moment, you can manually control live feed and pre-recorded video using streaming software. Compatible with many applications, our tutorials are built around the free industry standard, OBS.

Use Our AutoStream Tool

Simple as 1-2-3. Just upload, schedule and review your pre-recorded video content.
Upload your pre-recorded videos to BookTix Live, schedule your stream and review your content. Your content will automatically stream “live” at your scheduled time to all of your StreamPass holders. No need for streaming software!
AutoStream Tool Guide

Simple and Secure

Built with all of the innovation, security and customer service you have come to expect from BookTix.

Film Clapboard

Create Your Video

We help you determine the right set-up for your theater venue and walk you through configuring the AutoStream tool or streaming hardware and software to send the feed to BookTix Live.

Send Your Stream

We take your video input and process it on our secure servers.  We ensure your packaged stream is protected and meets licensing requirements.

Enjoy The Show

We distribute secure links to your ticket buyers to view the stream on their computers and mobile devices in your virtual theater portal hosted on our website.

Scene to Screen

What Makes BookTix Unique


You have the ability to add a virtual program to your BookTix Live stream.


Each stream allows you the ability to turn on a donation button for your patrons to make donations during your show.


BookTix ticketing clients pay $1 per StreamPass which can easily be passed on to your patron as a technology fee.



On the day of your show, patrons will use their StreamPass to get into your virtual lobby. You open up the stream to your patrons when you're ready to go!


No Apps to download. Patrons just click their StreamPass link, sit back, and enjoy the show!


You have the ability to fundraise by selling ad space as still images or videos during your stream, or include them in your virtual program!


Featuring Video Tutorials and Instruction Guides.


Don't leave anything to chance. Prior to your show, our team can schedule a stream test with you so there are no hiccups.

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Authorized Partner

Our system has been vetted as the secure streaming platform for approved titles in the catalogs of our licensing partners when digital rights are available.

Integrated Ticketing

Integrates with our robust ticket system seamlessly.  We also allow you to use BookTix Live with your own ticketing system for when you don’t want to disrupt your patron experience or have a contracted ticketing vendor already.

equipment kit

Equipment Kit Rentals

If using a camera, rent the BookTix approved EZ Stream Kit to ensure you have the equipment necessary to connect your camera to your computer.  Rental providers may be able to rent camera and laptops if you need. Learn More

customer service representative speaking over the phone to a customer

We're Ready To Help

Our Customer Service team is on call and ready for support during rehearsal, testing and performances. We’re here to help make your event a success.

Authorized Streaming Partner For The Catalogs of

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